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Get Involved-Students!

Student Courses & Minors

EKU offers many sustainability-related courses and a new Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship Minor!

Student Action

Student Group --  The Green Crew

The Green Crew is the student based group on campus that strives to raise awareness about all environmental issues that impact Earth.  We hope to:

  • Create beneficial environmental change on campus, in our community, and in the world through community service and education. 
  • Provide a comfortable outlet for students to share activities, projects, and ideas that are of any green, environmental, or sustainable nature.

For more information "Like" Us on Facebook or contact the EKU Green Crew.

Campus Initiatives You Can Get Involved With!

It is important that you make sustainability a habit in your life.  Each daily small step that you take adds up to create big change!  There are plenty of on-campus resources you can use to help reduce your environmental impact:

  • Recycle!  There are a lot of recycling programs available to students at EKU.  If you live in the residence halls you can recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum cans there.  You can recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum cans in many of the classroom buildings too.  And ResNet will help you recycle your old computers and other electronics.
  • Park that Car!  There are many options for students at EKU who want to park and go.  You can visit the Parking website for the latest campus shuttle schedule.   The campus recreation office has a bicycle rental program.  There is also a carpool website.

Green Your Residence Hall Room

  • Use natural light and switch off the overhead lights when you can
  • Replace all your halogen and incandescent lights with compact fluorescents
  • Use a few plants in your room to improve the air quality
  • Cool your room with an open window when you can
  • Avoid air fresheners/plug-ins as they pollute the air and just mask odors
  • Setup the energy savings on your computer
  • When printing/copying, use both sides of the paper when you can
  • Use a smart strip power strip
  • Invest in solar powered chargers for items such as cell phones and iPods
  • Power down your computer over weekends, during holidays, etc.
  • Switch off the lights before you leave your room
  • Instead of using throw-away cups, plates, and utensils, use reusable items
  • Use a reusable mug/water container 
  • Use the recycling bins in your hall and classrooms
  • Recycle your old electronics in the ResNet office
  • Don't throw out items you can donate, take it Goodwill, located blocks from campus
  • Instead of buying something new, make it habit to first check the Goodwill and other local flea markets for items 
  • When purchasing new items, look for products made with recyclable material to purchase first
  • Housing's greenHouse Recycling Program!
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