Energy & Climate

Review the EKU Energy Infrastructure Investment and Master Plan and get excited! From boasting the state's first LEED Gold- Certified Residence Hall to energy savings contracts, the recently released Plan is Eastern's most comprehensive, agressive energy plan in University history. Check back here for the latest in energy investments within the Plan.

Help EKU save energy and reduce its carbon footprint by pledging to take action to reduce your energy consumption. Our goal is to get all of students living on campus to take easy energy-reducing actions. Even if you don’t live on campus, calculate your impact on the Planet, and then take action to lower your carbon footprint and shrink your electricity bill by doing one or all of the following:

  • Turn off all lamps/lights, electronics (TV’s, computer monitors, fans, etc) when not in use or when I leave the room
  • Unplug all electronics when leaving for the weekend (like we do over Christmas/spring break to prevent phantom power use)
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs in lamps to LED or CFL bulbs which use lower wattages
  • Take shorter/cooler showers
  • Only run full loads of laundry
  • Clean out the dryer lint before/after use
  • Air dry some clothes

More energy-saving tips for college life:

  • Put your desktop, laptop, tablet, and iPod to sleep mode when not in use
  • When leaving a room, turn off the light
  • Use a power strip for any electronics and it will make easier to turn off
  • Do laundry with cold water
  • During the day, use the sun as light
  • Hang Insulating Curtains or Drapes
  • Walk, bike or carpool when possible

EKU's Energy Efficiency Initiatives:                       

In 2008, EKU partnered with Siemens Building Technologies Inc. in an effort to reduce the university’s annual utilities cost by 30%.  The initiative took advantage of numerous innovative strategies including energy-efficient lighting; water-conserving technologies and methods; heating, ventilation and air conditioning system retrofits; building automation; and employee training with energy saving improvements made in 75 buildings on campus.  The partnership with Siemens results in an approximate savings of $8,000 per day and an estimated annual savings of $2.9 million.  For more information on EKU’s Energy Efficiency Initiative, click here.